What is contracting?
Being a contract pilot means that you are not employed directly by the airline. Instead, you supply your services to the airline by the means of an agency.

Why is contracting interesting for me?
Being a contract pilot can be highly rewarding. It can offer you the chance to live and work in different cities and countries on a short term basis (anything from 3-6 months till 2-3 years). While there you will gain experience of different cultures and climates but also airline SOPs. A great chance if you just wanted to try something new. In general salaries tend to be higher when contracting and there are many attractive roster patterns available that will allow you to spend blocks of time at home.

Who can become a contract pilot?
Contract pilot positions are open to all current and qualified pilots that have time on type. Positions are available for Examiners, Instructors, Captains and First Officers. Actual required experience on type or total flying time will vary from airline to airline, and will be dependent on local regulations for expatriate pilots. As a guide reference, you would need to be experienced with 3000 total flying hours, 1500 total PIC hours and 500 PIC on type for Captains and 1500 total time and 500 on type for First Officers.  

Where do you have positions available?
Contract positions are available with airlines worldwide. However, at this time most contract positions are available in Asia due to the demand for pilots outweighing the supply.

When can I apply?
If the job is advertised you can apply at any time. Your recruiter will be able to talk to you about the finer details and discuss all aspects when time is right for you. Direct Personnel are like a helping hand that will guide you through the process and will continue to support you while you are on contract.  

How can I apply?
You can apply in many ways such as through job advertisement sites, by visiting the Direct Personnel website frequently or better yet register with us and we will tell you when new jobs become available.

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I'm definitely sure that they are the best option when you are applying for a contract job, because you are certain you are in the hands of professionals. First Officer, Eva Air
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